Stretch Mark Remedies

Stretch marks are usually a major concern of women who are in their last trimester of pregnancy or who have just delivered a baby. However, the marks, although colored reddish and/or purple, do fade to a grayish or whitish cast with time.
With respect to remedies, there is no one lotion or cream that will completely erase the marks. However, the “blemishes” will fade to a much lighter hue and can be made to look almost unnoticeable by certain remedies. The following solutions below will give you the motivation to reduce the appearance of the marks, at least, from immediate view.

Look at Your DNA

The areas where the marks often appear, in reference to pregnancy, are the thighs, abdomen and breasts. They often form on the buttocks as well. With that being said, the remedies you seek should be in direct correlation to preventative techniques. Your risk of developing the marks that show up as the result of stretching skin are fairly good if they are part of your family’s history.

Keeping Stretch Marks at Bay

Definitively, a stretch mark is defined as a dermal and epidermal tearing of the skin layers, all which is triggered by your skin’s inability to keep pace with the rapid growth of the skin that is due to a fast weight gain. In order to stymie the aforementioned tears, you must eat nutritional balanced foods, stay active and drink plenty of water.
Therefore, according to physicians as well as estheticians, maintaining a steady weight is essential in keeping the marks from developing. People who tend to either lose or gain weight quickly are at a higher risk for developing stretch marks. Unfortunately, you usually cannot avoid spurts of growth during pregnancy. Therefore, there is only so much that you can control.
One of the remedies that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks is exfoliation. You cannot totally exfoliate the “lesions” away, but you can give the skin a twice-weekly scrub that contributes to skin cell turnover. Exfoliation not only reduces the appearance of the marks but also gets rid of the itchiness that goes with the dry skin that develops because of the stretching.

How to Make Stretch Marks Fade with Creams

While research has shown that oils and creams will not totally get rid of marks, it does show that most products will keep the skin hydrated and smooth. For example, any cream that contains the ingredients as colloidal oatmeal or shea butter can help over time. Creams and lotions work slowly so you have to use them on a regular basis. To assist in improving the skin, you must apply the emollients each night before bedtime.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

One of the best remedies for bringing relief from stretch marks is coconut oil – one that contains vitamin E, known to correct and repair. This is an ideal oil to use as it is 100% safe for use by expectant women. So, if you have not seen any evidence of stretch marks and you are currently expecting, coconut oil is a great way to, at least, to possibly prevent the marks from appearing.

Retinoids – How They Can Help

Retinoids, which are products of vitamin A, are commonly used for their anti-aging advantages. However, they can also be used to slowly reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time. Avoid the sun, as well, when treating any area that is defined by stretch marks.

Lasers to Consider

If you have newly formed stretch marks that are still reddish or purple in hue, then a pulsed-dye laser can assist in making them go away (although not totally). If your stretch marks are older, then you might inquire about the use of a resurfacing laser like the Fraxel. Lasers promote collagen production – all which is needed to repair the look of stretch-marked skin.

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