How to Hide Stretch Marks?

Because stretch marks are unsightly, you probably have sought ways to make them less prominent. If so, you are not alone. While the scars that result from expanding flesh and hormones are not harmful medically, they still are badges (often of pregnancy) that you don’t want to display. So, how do you camouflage these marks so they are less of an eyesore? The following tips should help you reduce the scars’ appearance.

First, Clean the Stretch Mark Area

If you have concealer on hand, you can cover your stretch marks with the product, regardless of the scars’ severity. Using makeup for the marks will allow you to wear a swimsuit or shorts. In order to cover the marks using this approach, first clean the area. Skin that has been cleaned provides a fresh palette on which the makeup can be applied. In addition, clean skin makes the application of the makeup just that much easier. Using witch hazel first is helpful as it will tighten the pores.

Apply Moisturizer Combined with Bronzing Powder

After you clean the skin, use a moisturizer on the marks – something like cocoa butter, and mix the moisturizer with a bronzing powder. Use the index and middle finger for the application, making sure to dab carefully. This treatment should suffice for anyone whose stretch marks are faint. If the stretch marks are more pronounced, then you will want to add concealer – one that is a nice match for your tone of skin.

Use a Concealer

A concealer works especially well on larger stretch marks that are featured on a sizable area of the skin. Concealers are heavier in composition than foundations or bronzing powders, thereby giving you much more coverage. Apply a light coat of concealer, dabbing it over the stretch marks. Don’t rub the lotion as the effects will not be as effective. Dabbing will reduce the looks of the scars. Next, take some loose powder and dust the marks. Not only will the cover-up blend more efficiently, it will also help set the concealer, thereby causing the application to last much longer.

Use a Self-tanning Product

You can also take advantage of the use of self-tanning products. However, if your marks are already a dark tone, it may be better to opt for concealing them with a makeup concealer. Using the self-tanner may cause the marks to darken even further. Therefore, using a self-tanning product should be done on marks that are lighter in tone. Don’t try to tan the spot naturally as the marks will darken too, thereby defeating the whole process of making them less visible.

Conceal the Marks by Including them in the Design of a Tattoo

Some people try to cover stretch marks with a tattoo. However, instead of tattooing over the marks with a design, include the scars in the design. Usually scarred skin will not hold ink that well. Therefore, you could be very unhappy with the final result. Fit the scarring naturally into the tattoo to make the markings much less noticeable.

One Final Observation

You have to keep in mind that reducing the look of stretch marks can be challenging in itself. Therefore, make sure you carefully review the options open to you. Bronzing cream of self-tanning products usually work better on lighter scars while concealer is a suggested application for scars that are much more pronounced.

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