Confused About Eczema? Use These Fantastic Tips!

Eczema is a common skin condition that many people suffer from. Luckily, there are several things that can be tried to soothe and control this condition. The following article will help you learn more about them.

Don’t take a shower that’s too hot when you have an eczema issue. Each shower should be quick and the water lukewarm. Use a gentle cleanser rather than soap, and use it on your skin gently. Do not rub too hard. Once the skin has been cleaned, it ought to be dried by blotting instead of rubbing.

If you need a soothing solution for eczema symptoms, look for a moisturizer in ointment or cream form. They work better than creams and lotions. You may even just want to use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer. Do not use moisturizers that contain fragrances. Apply moisturizer twice each day at least.

Try to avoid scratching. Eczema is an uncomfortable condition. However, the more you scratch, the more you will have to scratch. You can get yourself hurt by doing this and it could make an infection happen. Moisturize as often as possible and use a cold compress which can relieve symptoms.

Look for PABA-free sunscreen. The ingredient is known to cause problems with people who have eczema. Pay close attention to the ingredient list, even if it says PABA-free. You can also go the route of talking to your doctor about prescribed sunscreen.

Make regular use of moisturizers. Moisturizers can help out a lot in fighting eczema. Apply your moisturizer when you exit the shower or bath. You should only use moisturizer that’s free from fragrance or chemicals. This irritants can cause flare-ups. Stick with creams and ointments at all times.

Maintain a comfortable temperature in your house when you suffer from eczema. Flare ups often come when temperatures swing wildly. Invest in a good air conditioner and keep your furnace in tip top shape, plus add a humidifier to it. The humidifier will allow your skin not to dry out too much.

If you deal with eczema, then you should try to stay away from stressful situations if at all possible. Stress can cause an eczema flare-up. Use meditation, deep breathing or exercise to feel better. It may help keep your eczema manageable.

Try using ointments when you moisturize. They work quite well because they add a protective layer to the skin. Lotions and creams cannot do this. For this reason, ointments are significantly better for areas where skin has cracked open due to eczema.

Excessive sweat kept on the body can cause eczema flare ups. Getting overheated can also aggravate the symptoms of eczema. If you are physically active, try to cool yourself off immediately once the activity is done. Shower as soon as you can following a workout.

Enjoy a warm bath to soothe your skin. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold. Baking soda in your bath water or some colloidal oatmeal is a soothing technique. You might also try putting a bit of bleach into your bath to help get rid of skin bacteria.

Moisturize whenever you can. Moisturizers can help quite a bit when you’re dealing with something like eczema. Use them following your shower or bath. Your moisturizer should not contain fragrances, chemicals, or other additives. Those things can irritate skin. Thicker ointments or creams are your best bet.

It is important to determine your personal eczema triggers. It could be a certain soap, detergent or perfume that causes an outbreak, or contact with certain fabrics may be the culprit. Other possibilities are sweat and stress. When you know what triggers it, you can control your outbreaks.

In summary, eczema is a condition that wreaks havoc on many lives. As you have seen though, you need not suffer. You can take necessary steps to control and remedy the situation. Make use of the information above to help manage your eczema.

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